Truth Hurts!!!!

doesnt it hurt
when you hear the truth
it smacks you in the face
when that person you love
hits you and just embrace

truth hurts when you are right
even tho you know i sat here and won the fight

truth hurts even tho you being an ass
and i know u cant help it because thats you

the truth hurt
when my teacher corrected me when i was wrong
moms sat there and watch me through the doors
and sung that same song

the truth hurt
when your girlfriend comes and tells you
bae, hunnie, dear, umm u were wrong i was right

the truth hurt
when dad tried to tell me the boy was not about me
and he only seen the things he wanted to see

the truth hurts
when the teacher tells you that 1+1 is not 4

the truth hurt
when moms tried to guide me
the teacher tried to teach
the preacher said he was done preaching
spouse argued out the right things
someone pointed out the bad behavior

sitting back
reflecting on these things
the truth freaking hurts


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